Why Shami Goat Farming?

Successful & Internationally recognized

Cyprus has maintained an international reputation for successful selective breeding of Cyprus (Damascus) Shami Goat. Genetic strength has been achieved by ensuring a large pool of animals to support frequent replacement of breeding stock.

Highly Adaptive & Prolific

The Shami Goat is a highly adaptive & prolific animal that is recognized as the ultimate goat in either dual or single purpose production systems.

Fast & Sustained Reproduction

Our Bucks begin mating from 9 months and remain in the production system for a maximum of 2 years and we minimize consanguinity by separating them from females until decision to breed when we only permit crosses beyond third degree relatives.

Multiple Source of Revenue

Milk production reaches a maximum of 3 days post-partum and averages 4-5kg a day with many goats achieving more. Our selection criteria for genetic improvement include:
– 1000kg in a single lactation
– lactation 305 days
– 2 to 3 kids per pregnancy

The Cyprus (Damascus) Shami goat is an excellent, highly adaptive and hardy goat. Experience locally and in our export countries confirms that it can be used in pure bred or cross-bred milk or meat production systems, surpassing the production figures of equivalent animals in intensive, semi-intensive or extensive systems.

We already have experience exporting Cyprus Shami goats since 1980 in more than 30 Countries. Everywhere that we send the Cyprus Shami, it reproduces these amazing production figures. Detailed studies in Libya demonstrate that these figures are maintained in pure bred or cross-mated F1 generations with equivalent breeds in destination countries as well as local animals.

We recommend the Cyprus Shami for private breeders who wish to raise a pure herd as well as for rural agricultural development programs internationally. The Cyprus Shami is the ideal goat to support genetic research programs that aim to establish robust income generation projects at the same time as improving the productivity in local genetic lines through cross-breeding.

We want to welcome you to the family of successful Cyprus (Damascus) Shami goat breeders internationally and support your production system in any way that we can.

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